What is Hikeology?

Hikeology is a natural extension of my distinct interests in design, photography and adventure. 

I've been "athletic" and "outdoorsy" my whole life. I ran track, played soccer and was a camp counselor for nearly 8 summers from my middle teens on into my twenties. But eventually you grow up, and with growing up you end up making a lot of sacrifices. First I gave up track, then soccer and last went camp. Soon enough, one of my other passions in life started to consume an upwards of 8 hours a day for five days a week for nearly 52 weeks out of the year.

I make my living as a Graphic Designer (and occasional Photographer), and I love it. I love the way something well designed and beautiful makes me feel, and I love knowing (or at least hoping) that there are people out there who see what I make and also experience that amazing feeling. But living in this digitally obsessed world, I find myself spending most of my time as a designer slouched behind the glow of a computer screen, crippling my eyes and hurrying along my rapidly progressing carpel tunnel syndrome.

My first three years in Los Angeles I would find myself ogling outdoorsy Instagram accounts and travel blogs wishing I had the means to camp and explore for weeks on end; wishing I could run off to the mountains or the desert on a whim; wishing I could be on the other side of those instagrams and travel blogs sharing my own personal experiences. 

After an inspiring ski trip to Mammoth during my fourth year in California, I realized that while I didn't have the schedule or financial freedom to satisfy my cravings for advenutre - I did have this entire state, with it's endless places and parks to explore. It was time to finally take advantage of everything that California has to offer. So I took to the web in search of more local hikes and trips. There is plenty of information out there, but it either wasn't catered to the 8-5'er like me, was made for more advanced adventurers, or simply wasn't aesthetically pleasing or interesting enough to read.

So with my love of design, photography and adventure combined with my desire to create a visually appealing resource for other amateur adventurers like me, Hikeology was born.