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10 Camping Essentials Under $10

Since booking my Sequoia trip I've obviously had camping on the brain. I've spent the last few weeks gathering gadgets and goodies for our trip (it's still weeks away, but what can I say I'm excited) and I've put together a little list of fun and essentials gadgets perfect for any camping trip.

01.  Highgear Fuse Micro Lantern  02.  REI Nalgene Wide-Mouth Loop-Top Water Bottle  03.  Bottle Sling rePETe Limestone  04.  Ultimate Survival Technologies Razor Saw Cutting Tool  05.  L  ight My Fire Grandpas FireFork Campfire Roasting Accessory  06.  Columbia River Eat'N Tool  07.  REI Recycled Camp Mug  08.  Lightning Nugget Firestarters  09.  Ultimate Survival Technologies Survival Compass Key Chain  10.  Cliff Bar