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Hollywood Reservoir - Los Angeles, CA

This is an easy 3.34 mile trail that guides you around the perimeter of the Hollywood Reservoir in the Hollywood Hills. This trail is easy to follow, paved and only has about 50ft worth of an elevation gain making this a great loop for everything from a leisurely stroll, to a solid run or bike ride. 

We took to this trail on a rare day a few months back when we had rain (remember that stuff?!) Normally, I would hate getting caught in the rain, but it had been so long since we had actually felt any kind of moisture in the air, it was sort of exciting and magical to be stuck in the middle of it. And of course, the shower didn't last long - maybe a good half hour - but it was fun nonetheless. 

Anyway, you'll begin by parking your car on Lake Hollywood Drive just to the north of the reservoir and then head for the entrance on the west side of the road. The entrance is a bit intimidating, but I assure you, it IS the way into the reservoir trail... 

As you make your way down the evenly paved path, you'll begin to get views of the the northern end of the reservoir. 

Don't forget to keep your eyes peeled for wildlife - we spotted a few small deer on the other side of the fence foraging in beneath some of the pines that grow along the edge of the water!

About a half a mile in, you’ll start getting some views of the Hollywood Sign off the the east. Although the fencing can be obstructive, you can still get some great views and fun photographs. 

The trail continues to meander along the reservoir’s west end and once you've made your way about a mile you’ll come upon the 1924 Mullholland Dam by which the reservoir was created. This is a gorgeous dam from early-modern L.A. history that is in super great shape and acts as a bridge to get you across to the eastern side of the reservoir. From the middle of the dam you'll have even more spectacular views of the Hollywood Sign and be able to gaze southward down upon the city of Hollywood itself. 

After you cross the bridge continue to the left to stay on the paved reservoir trail. As you make your way north on the eastern trail the views of the reservoir will begin diminish while the views of the Hollywood Sign will only continue to get better and better. 

Around 2.6 miles into your hike the paved trail drops you out on to Lake Hollywood Drive and Tahoe Drive. You'll know in you're in the right place when you come up behind the Hollywood Gate. 

Continue on to the left past Tahoe Dr. and follow the dirt path that makes its way along the northern side of Lake Hollywood Dr. After another .5 miles you'll find yourself back at the beginning of the trail where you originally parked. And there you have it! An easy, low-key "hike" with packed with some beautiful views and interesting LA history. 

How to get there: From the 101 northbound, take the Barham exit and head eastward. Make a right onto Lake Hollywood Drive and continue on it as it winds through the residential neighborhood. When you reach the intersection with Wonder View Drive, descend down the hill toward the reservoir and park on the street near the gate to the reservoir path. The streets here are well marked and you shouldn't have trouble parking along the side of the road. 

Address: 3052 Lake Hollywood Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90068